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Drip Irrigation system provides water in the form of drops at root zone of the plant. Drip Irrigation avoids water wastage, fertilizer wastage, reduces electricity usage, labour charges and enhances proper weed side management and usage of low quality of water and without levelling of the land. And all of of these help in increasing the income level of farmers by increasi ng crop productivity. Godavari Polymers provides high quality drip products for farmers as a means of modern well designed agriculture practices.

Suitable for Orchards, Plantations, fruit crops and broad spacing crops

Turbulent flow path with wide cross sectional area makes the dripper clog resistant.
Narrow cross shaped inlet acts as a filter.
Unique three piece openable dripper with easy cleaning die-form.
Dripper with extended outlet facilities use of extension tube.
No leakages, excellent sealing, Uniform discharge even after constant use.
Available in 4lph and 8lph discharge.
1.Godavari Inline Drip

Drip lines are made of high grade virgin polyethylene, resistant to Ultraviolet rays, chemical and fertilizer used in drip system.

Non-collapsible cylindrical dripper with unique clog resistant dripper design.
Multiple outlets breaks vacuum inside the emitter thus avoids soil suck back into the emitter.
Available in 2lph and 4lph dripper discharge with different spacing as per crop & soil requirements.
Available in 12mm and 16mm diameter of lateral.
Suitable for all close spaced crops and medicinal plants such as vegetables,Sugarcane,Banana,Grapes,Papaya,Cotton,Mulberry,Flowers and all closed spacing crops.
2. Drip Lateral
Drip Laterals are made of high-grade virgin polyethylene, resistant to UV rays, chemicals and fertilizers used in agriculture.
No environmental effects.
Smooth inner surface minimises frictional losses.
Available in 12mm and 16mm diameters.
Available in 12mm and 16mm diameter of lateral.
Used as lateral pipe in various micro irrigation systems such online drip, Micro sprinkler, Mini sprinklers, Jets and Foggers etc.
3. Screen Filters
Available in standard mesh of 120 micron to separate impurities from water.
Mild steel body with powder coated protects against corrosion, weather effects.
'L' shaped body allows easy installation in angular fashion.
Pressure testing ports at inlet and outlet.
Drain valve position at the bottom facilitates effective flushing.
Easy to open and clean.
Available in different inlet and outlet sizes with filtering capacity of 10,20,25,30 and 40 m3/hr.
4. Sand Filters
Used as primary filter, effective against organic impurities, algae and against very fine suspended particles.
Filter media is silica sand (quartz) of grade 2 to 3 mm.
Mild steel with special coated corrosion resistant body.
Designed for uniform distribution of incoming raw water over the media bed which insures very effective filtration and backwash.
Pressure testing ports at inlet and outlet.
Easy to open and clean.
Available in different inlet/outlet size with filtering capacity of 10,20,30 and 40 m3/hr respectively.
5. Hydro-Cyclone Filter
Used as a primary filter, for effective removal of high density particles such as silt and fine sand/gravel.
Hydro dynamically designed to create maximum centrifugal action to separate particles heavier than water.
Dirt collecting chamber at the bottom of hydro cyclone filter with required capacity.
Simple construction, easy to operate and maintain.
Drain valve at the bottom of dirt collecting chamber for flushing out dirt.
Easy to open and clean.
Available in different inlet/outlet size with filtering capacity 20,30 and 40 m3/hr.
6. Fertilizer Tanks
Using this water soluble fertilizers like urea and potash send equal portions to every plant root zone directly.
Turbulent inlet ensures thorough mixing of fertilizers/chemicals.
Required fertilizer dosage sent directly to plant hence saves fertilizer.
Simple construction, easy to operate and maintain.
Available in different capacity 30, 60 and 90 litre.
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